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Organic Earthen Matka

Organic Earthen Matka

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This hand-crafted Matka / Water Dispenser is made from organic terracotta clay, which is non-toxic and extremely safe to use. It is unglazed and environmentally friendly. This clay pot naturally provides the entire family with a cold and natural taste of water without the use of power. It also looks great on the countertop. Our artists handpainted this to give it a creative and rustic appearance. With its wide-mouth design, this dispenser is easy to fill with your preferred choice of beverage, such as iced tea, iced coffee, lemonade, or just water. Use these dispensers at your upcoming barbecue, picnic, or other outdoor event. These also make excellent gifts at housewarming, wedding, and other occasions.

How to use:

  • Before first use, start with the seasoning method, and immerse the clay pot in water. Leave it overnight to dry.
  • Hand-wash only.
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