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Mango Wood Sets

Mango wood is used to make musical instruments like ukuleles, plywood, and... 

The Bohosvilla Initiative

The intent of Bohosvilla is to create and provide a merchandising platform for families of current and future generations of Indian artisans. This initiative aims to preserve the amazing craftsmanship that they have inherited from their ancestors.

Have you ever wondered why several European Artisans have become luxury houses for the ultra-elite while most Indian Artisans are mere cheap labor for them? Is this an issue of oversupply and ease of availability? Or is it because of lack of recognition and respect?

We at Bohosvilla have questioned the substandard state of our Indian artisans. Poor working conditions, meager remuneration, and lengthy and strenuous workdays are the costs Indian artisans pay for their extraordinary skills.

Some artistry is also going extinct as the future generation is pursuing better options. Their story is not only covered on several Indian Forums but also on international forums like The New York Times and The Washington Post.

We have failed them as a nation and we at Bohosvilla aims to change that. We plan on holding several workshops and training in several rural areas all over India in upcoming months. This will include support on marketing, helping artisans get subsidized loans from the bank and options for internships for younger generations at our stores.

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